The Role of Choice in the Mass Effect Universe

Many video games provide a morality system and dialogue options, but Mass Effect goes above and beyond to put the player in total control of the universe. Your choices affect not only your relationships, but also major cinematic moments, character deaths, the difficulty of the third game in the series, etc. Your choices will even be carried over to the next game in the series. If you choose to start with a later game, some events will not have happened in-universe because you have not had the opportunity to make a choice. How does this level of control affect the player’s relationship with the game?

  • I think this is a very interesting question. I would also go a step further and ask how this increased personalization could potentially affect video games journalism, specifically video game reviews. If a video game experience becomes so subjective that everyone plays through it in their own personal way, then how could anyone be qualified to give a objective review. – CalebCox 9 years ago
  • I don't mean to be 'that guy' but an article on this topic is already being processed. It's written by H4zel. I'm not saying don't write it, it's a very interesting topic and the more variations of opinion we have on this, the better, given the controversial nature of the third game. That said, whoever takes this up, I think the title should be changed, the meaning remains the same, and make sure to have a different way of going about it than the other similar topic. – SpectreWriter 9 years ago
  • Yes, the article that H4zel is writing is on this same topic. I think this topic was revived automatically by the system since it's been two months since she claimed it, the same thing happened to a topic for an article I have under review right now. – Grace Maich 9 years ago
  • The thing with games with choice-triggered content is that developers have to create a lot of content that players might not even see. – ChrisKeene 8 years ago

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