The Separation Between Predators and Their Art

Those who have harassed and sexually assaulted others are finally coming to light. The skeletons are being flung out of many guilty people’s closets and those who have suffered are speaking out. While it is not cleaning out everything, there is progress.

We have become familiar with publically "outing" abusers in the movie business. However, what do viewers, outside of the film industry, do to show their support for those who have suffered while protesting the offenders? Are we able to avoid a film because a director, producer or actor has harassed someone? Do we ignore the rest of the hard-working men and women attached to the set?

Are we able to appreciate the art of someone who is an offender?

  • This is a great topic and one that could be expanded upon in philosophy and literature. So many authors in the established canon often had offensive views, owned slaves and perceived the Enlightenment as a sole privilege for Europeans. So what does one do with offenders, past and present? Do we throw the baby out with the bathwater? – Munjeera 7 years ago
  • This is SO important. Though you've placed this under Film, as a literature nerd I'd suggest to anyone who chooses to write on this to look at Roland Barthes' "The Death of the Author." Not the most exciting read but it basically asks this exact question. But someone, please write on this! – Heather Lambert 7 years ago
  • Unfortunately, this has always been a topical post. Fortunately, the issue has started to be addressed. However, what I find interesting is when someone moves past the "alleged" and into being convicted. For example, Mike Tyson. He was convicted of rape over twenty years ago yet he has been something of a minor pop-culture star for years, even starring in the successful Hangover series, ironically as apparently the cast and crew protesting Mel Gibson in the second film, they seemed to have no such reservations about a convicted rapist. Did the stigma ware off Tyson? Was it too fresh on Gibson? The latter conclusion would be supported by Gibson's resurgence in the last couple of years, notably in Daddy's Home 2- where many critics enthusiastically proclaimed "Gibson is family friendly again." – jackarthurgayer 7 years ago

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