The Star Wars Cash Grab?

It can be easily argued that under Disney, the Star Wars movies have become cash grabs. The franchise is no longer releasing films for the original stories. Now there are character origin stories. Fans will, of course, pay to see them, but is it necessary? Are these stories important to the main story or are they cash grabs?

  • Well it has to be noted that the only reason the prequel series was made was due to the franchising money Lucas made, so really is what Disney is doing any different? However seriously, I think perhaps there has not been enough folds made under their banner to be able to made a definitive statement here. I think also we need to remember that at the end of the day film studios are actually needing to make money. – SaraiMW 4 years ago
  • I don't necessarily agree. Yes, Disney is ultimately doing this to make a profit, but the Star Wars universe is so big, and there are, in my opinion, many stories waiting to be told. There is a lot of lore left to be explored (the origin of the Jedi/Sith, the Old Republic, etc.) – RebaZatz 4 years ago
  • I think this could be a really interesting topic to explore, and perhaps another area to look at would be whether Disney's influence is not so much cash grab as funding. For instance, Marvel films technically reign under Disney, unlike the Justice League franchise and their movies are much more popular. Does Disney's influence allocate more towards press releases surrounding actors (Star Wars included) to help fans relate to them better? Therefore making them more popular? – Pamela Maria 4 years ago

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