The Underlining Theme of Family in 'A Quiet Place'

Although ‘A Quiet Plan’ is heavily advertised as a horror/thriller movie, there are definitely underlining themes of family and what family is willing to do for one another. Not only does the love of family truly shine in this film, but it also shows how strong a family can be when their life is on the line everyday.

  • Yes, although "A Quiet Place" is labeled under the horror/thriller genre, the underlying theme is togetherness and communal efforts. I think this is apparent considering the film emphasizes the importance and value of each of the characters. Each character serves a different purpose at some point in the film where the entirety of the family wouldn't be able to survive with the removal of one of them. They are all necessary, and the most moving example of this has to be the conclusion where the only handicapped character ends up saving the day due to her discovery that she made in her father's office. – ralphpolojames 6 years ago
  • This is definitely something I found in the film. I think it would be interesting to look at how director and co-writer John Kransinski has talked about it. He has mentioned multiple times that he saw it as a film about family and even described it as a love letter to his children. I think that would definitely add some weight to the discussion of this theme in the film, considering it seems to be a big part of how he conceived of the story – Beth Jones 6 years ago
  • I agree that the love and dedication with the family members is the piece that holds the film together. Overall, if the family dynamic wasn't as compassionate as it was portrayed in the film, there wouldn't be as much pathos. It is a film about family that uses the horror/ suspense genre as a cloak. They stand by one another, even in the threat of being attacked by the film's creatures. For the parents especially, they stay alive not just for their own survival, but for their children's survival. – Kellie 6 years ago

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