The uproar over "Tall Girl" and what it means for future films

A new Netflix original movie has caused a bit of a stir in the land of social media. A story about a teenage girl that feels isolated because of her height, has faced criticism for its focus on what people think is a rather minuscule issue. Does Netflix owe it to its viewers to produce content that centers around oppressed societal groups? That gives its voice to people that need it? Or is content really just that, meaningless content?

  • I think something important to keep in mind whilst writing this would be the fact that there are two sides to this argument. Yes, it may seem as minor issue for most, but different situations affect people differently. No matter how mindless or meaningless this movie might seem to most of the general public, the general message of loving yourself for who you are is an important message for younger people in this day and age. I think Netflix producing "Tall Girl" and them needing to produce content that centers around oppressed societal groups are not mutually exclusive. Maybe it would be worth exploring more the idea of having all the content possible rather than this duality of if you have one, you can't necessarily have the other. – mariannelabrie 5 years ago

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