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    How fan-fiction has evolved through the years.

    Analyzing how fan-fiction has evolved as something sort of niche and obscure on the internet, written by a usually younger audience to explore the different ideas they wanted to see from shows and movies they loved. Now it has become a wildly viral thing where some people explore those same ideas but with real people including YouTubers, band members and Hollywood celebrities. An interesting approach might be how the ones based on true people might affect those celebrities or internet personalities.

    • cool idea, but it seems somewhat broad? something that could narrow this down could be picking a specific theme/celeb (like you say in the prompt) and examining that, while also synthesizing it to related themes/contexts if you so wish. any stats/additional credible information you could find on this topic supporting its increased prevalence would be useful! – r 4 years ago

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    Thank you for the great article!
    Subs vs. Dubs has been a great debate, even in my friend group, for many years. I think it really just comes down to one’s preference. I usually watch my anime or any other form of media subbed if I don’t understand the language. It makes it harder, and some of the phrasing might be odd, but I feel like I might be getting more of a direct translation than a dubbed version where they have a few more restrictions, like timing and lip syncing (which is not always taken into account by dubbing companies because sometimes it just really isn’t possible.)
    However, on that same argument, there are some great English voice actors that have give amazing performances. I’ve been more than happy to listen to dubbed anime, it’s just not what I prefer.

    The Anime Dub Controversy

    Great article, great points all around! It saddens me to see some of the comments sounding so bitter about these new movies that are coming out. There always seem to be this idea with distinct generations about better times, (this comes with any generation that ages and doesn’t enjoy what younger people might find enjoyable,) but as much as Disney is a money-seeking company, it doesn’t stop the good it’s doing either.
    I agree that certain live-actions were not necessary and might have suffered due to the fact, but the art and stories are nonetheless beautiful. Most of their stories, and original animated movies, were not Walt Disney’s. They were beautified versions of fairy tails found around the world.
    My personal opinion is that these remakes are coming in order for Disney to; yes, gain money by recycling stories, but also by trying to stay relevant with this new uprising of CGI and digital components in movies to seem as realistic as possible. Some of them might not have proven as effective as others, but this might still be a “learn as you go” process for this new direction they have been taking. I think we should still be hopeful that with the next few movies to come, that Disney will be able to deliver better products. Either direct copies of the animated movies or, as stated in JTVersus’ comment; “they gave Belle way more backstory, they added additional songs, they kept the nostalgic aspects and most importantly: it wasn’t the exact same.”

    Live-Action Disney Remakes and the Souring Faith in Animation

    This is a great article. Tolkien really set a great stepping stone, to say the least, in order for the general public to indulge in the fantasy world. D&D allowed this same public to now join in. With the same idea as the Goosebumps books (or any “Choose your own adventure genre, really), however now you could customize at will. I feel like both D&D and Tolkien’s novels have stayed relevant through the years.

    Tolkien and Dungeons & Dragons