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After many years, Flash lovers (and other DC fans) have finally gotten the beauty of Flashpoint. A world where Barry has lost his powers and all the other heroes are in danger of the war between Aqua man and Wonder Woman. Wait, that isn’t what we saw being portrayed by Grant Gustin and Co on our television screens. Instead we got "The Rival" and "Alchemy". There are a great deal of reasons this could be.

  • For this topic you should clarify more what you mean by the Flashpoint story line, and perhaps the person who takes the topic should explore the differences not only with the television series' portrayal of the Flashpoint story line, but the differences between the comics and show entirely since there are such a great many of them; this could lead into an explanation with research into how/why television/movie adaptations differ from their original media. – Steven Gonzales 7 years ago
  • First of all it's Grant Gustin. This is a good article idea because the original flashpoint in the comics and animated movie was so big in scale that it would a multiple season which would've been very expensive, and that CWverse can't use all those characters. You can say the same thing happened for Cap Civil War, where the end product turned out to be a much smaller scale version of the original. So this article can definitely talk about how tv and movie adaptations have to make changes in order to fit that certain medium. – cbo1094 7 years ago
  • I don't see a problem with the show as is. – T. Palomino 1 year ago

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