The Walking Dead: Cold Storage Review

Looking for more The Walking Dead amazing content after the 3rd midseason finale? Do not expect it here. AMC must have given a random guy a check for a couple hundred dollars and a flip camera. The Walking Dead: Cold Storage (2012) is a 4 part webisode series follows the character Chase (Josh Stewart) who is clearly supposed to visually and internally resemble the protagonist of the main series, Rick. He finds himself in a self-storage facility where he meets a cold-hearted bastard named B.J. (Daniel Roebuck) and is in need to find his caravan about a week after the zombie outbreak.

Cold Storage is an embarrassment to AMC that does not deserve to exist. Hinging on people wanting more of the series, this was clearly made for a quick buck. Acting is terrible, though Josh Stewart is not entirely blamable with what he had to work with. His mannerisms and expressions are the same as Rick, which shows he can act that even if it did not help the series. The three other characters that appear have appalling actors attached to them, and even the zombie extras are somehow miles worse than that of the television series.

To say that this show does not compare to the quality of the main series is a copout understatement. An earlier 6-part Walking Dead web-series, Torn Apart (2011), lived up to a higher caliber of film-making even if not made with precision. The lighting, camera work, and direction are severely under-qualified. There is one moment of practical effects and a single zombie’s makeup that had special attention, but the rest had no thought put into it at all. It takes a moment to acknowledge the main series, though there is no real significance to it even as a teaser.

The second episode allows the viewer to think that the webseries could end up being better and more interesting, but it fails to live up to any expectations. It had a short plot that could have worked and available moments for action. The wrong people were clearly hired to make this lead up to Season 3. The series just miscarries at every opportunity.


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  1. I shall avoid it at all cost, cheers J! February come already…

  2. Sounds like this missed the mark.

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