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The Youtube Stigma: Can Youtube be taken seriously?

Youtube is a very unique video-sharing website. The mainstream media predominantly looks down on this specific platform, brushing it off as dense and invaluable. There are a great deal of stigmas due to concerns about the quality, credibility, and accessibility of Youtube which leaves us asking- does Youtube really deserve the reputation it has, or is there something of substance that most overlook?

  • The world of YouTube is quick growing power and virtual dimension with it being a platform free to all individuals. It not only allows you to converse with your viewership on a more personal level but shares a part of your life with them adding something unique to YouTube compared to movies and TV shows. It is definitely not only a big money mine but also something that has given birth to new trends, talents and creativity. Individuals learn from YouTube and are entertained at the same time. – Radhika 7 years ago
  • The fact that people can now have an occupation being a full-time Youtuber just shows how important this platform is. These Youtubers have not only become micro celebrities, but also get paid to be flown to events. I think what makes Youtube interesting is that there is so much more content than traditional platforms, because you do not have broadcasters shutting down ideas. Everything is free game in Youtube, and it gives people an opportunity to either show their creativity, state their opinion, or just entertain an audience. – YsabelGo 7 years ago
  • I kind of feel like a couple years ago this topic would have been more relevant. Youtube has really taken off and is a powerhouse of entertainment like Netflix. It's become so synonymous with internet videos that its impossible to ignore. Any music video is now on youtube, along with talk shows like Last week tonight. That stigma is kind of just lingering in the minds of people who refuse to change, and nothing is really going to change their perspective at all. Can youtube be taken seriously? Yes, it currently is being taken VERY seriously by thousands of content creators and people whose careers live and die off of their youtube channel. – Cojo 7 years ago
  • YouTube is an incredibly powerful platform, also a business that is harder to break into at this point in time. YouTube has launched careers for a lot of its content creators, propelling them into an area of "stardom," if you will. Other media took notice of YouTube's power a while ago and there have been substantial changes to the way the site operates in the past few years. Shows are produced and uploaded specifically on YouTube now. Big-name film production companies offer many of their movies on the site for purchase and streaming. Until 2010-2011, YouTube users had to have a specific high number of views and subscribers to become a partnered member, but that is no longer the case; because of this, more and more people are joining, partnering and trying to kickstart their YouTube careers. I don't think it's an underestimated platform, but I do think that the impact it leaves on our society is something to look into. – Parisa 7 years ago
  • A good idea regarding the impact the youtube has on todays society. – ehtisham 7 years ago

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