Top Soundtracks

This is, of course, subjective and broad. But the music in movies plays a HUGE role. What we hear while we watch a good movie affects our reaction. List what you think the best movie soundtracks are and back up your choices!

  • Kill Bill, Indians Jones, Drive, Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman (1989), Pirates of the Caribbean, and Pulp Fiction are a couple I could think of the top of my head. – Aaron Hatch 9 years ago
  • Could also talk about how genre influences the soundtrack. For example, Halloween and The Exorcist have quite similar yet distinctive songs attached to them to create a feeling of dread, whereas Kill Bill & Pulp Fiction use songs that are relevant and sometimes a twist on those of the era they depict. – Hannah Spencer 9 years ago
  • Lord of the Rings soundtracks - and subsequently the Hobbit ones - could be interesting to talk about. Especially because dominant themes and echoes of the first trilogy's soundtracks can be found in the second's soundtracks. They're almost their own stories. – Helen Parshall 9 years ago

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