Trailers and Teasers: Movies That Have Been Over-Hyped

Discuss the use of teaser trailers leading up to first trailers which make way for the REAL trailers which give way to smaller, lighter trailers, all of which lead up to a movie. Are the ten extra seconds of footage really necessary? Is a countdown really necessary? Is it genius marketing to make people watch the same footage over and over again in the hopes of catching two seconds of newer footage?

Possible points to cover: The hype leading up to Age of Ultron, the teeny tiny teaser released for Ant-Man, leaked Comic-con clips, the trailers for Mockingjay Part 2, etc.

  • I think teasers as made by the film company should include external footage from the actual film, because yes, some movies get over-hyped. Nobody likes when all the good parts in the movie are the entirety of the trailer and then they get to the movie and realize they did that because there is nothing left that's good to show. For example: this teaser trailer for the coming Deadpool movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaQjTcRkCNk was it necessary to release it the day before the actual trailer? Probably not but heck if it wasn't hype! – Slaidey 7 years ago
  • Another point that could be addressed with this topic is how sometimes a teaser or trailer for a film may contain material that had been deleted from the actual film in question (as was the case in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the latest version of Godzilla which were both released last year). Therefore, these teasers/trailers have the potential to outright deceive their audience through emphasizing hype. – dsoumilas 7 years ago
  • I do believe that 10 second teasers give the audience a better glimpse of different aspects of the upcoming movie or tv show. As a viewer, it is exciting to see a very SLIGHT glimpse of a creepy clown that might be in American Horror Story. However, I do agree that the teasers have gone too far in other respect. For instance, look at the Suicide Squad movie that is currently in production. They have on-set pictures being released almost on the daily so much as to now there are very few surprises left for the audience when it comes to the actual movie. No, I did not want to see what the Ben Affleck 's Batman costume is going to look like. That's why I'm paying $10+ dollars when it comes to the movie. No, I don't want to see pictures of Batman atop of the Joker's car. Christmas is more exciting when there are presents to open and you will be thanking yourself that you didn't open them early. – abaney 7 years ago
  • It feels like sequels and reboots in particular get sooooo many teasers and trailers compared to non franchise films. That might be an interesting point to discuss. – Cagney 7 years ago
  • I'd like to see this analyzed by someone who really knows about how trailers work in the film industry. There have been discussions about people suing movie producers for presenting "misleading" trailers, but how is this understood from a legal point of view? – T. Palomino 3 months ago

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