TV shows are taking a more cinematic role

I have noticed that there is a rise on television shows becoming more cinematic. Certain networks, like the popular HBO, has been making their shows with long running series and episodes. These shows have great detail and time put into creating them. Does it keep audiences interested to keep long running shows on their network rather than showing one or a series of movies? Or is the only thing that matters their popularity and fanbase?

  • It might also be interesting to explore books that should have become movies, but now are instead becoming TV series like Mr. Mercedes and Maddaddam. – firefly8517 7 years ago
  • It is fascinating to see movie stars now gravitating toward the small screen. Many years ago, if an actor went from movies to television, there were viewed as a failure. Now, they are able to do both! The rise in television shows seems to be the result of viewer expectations and demands. For example, "binge watching," has become such a popular terms that it does not need an explanation--people know exactly what you are referring to. With that being said, it seems as though people really enjoy to watch things unfold, as opposed to viewing a two hour film that will cost you thirteen dollars just to purchase a ticket. Another benefit of television over film is the anticipation viewers feel when a new season is approaching. For example, I am a die-hard "American Horror Story" fan and knowing that the new season begins this week brings a smile to my face. So, with all this being said, and the newfound expectations of audiences regarding the television realm, it is to be expected that TV shows would become more like film productions. When there is a demand for television shows, and the box office does not have the draw it used to attain, television producers are going to now invest more money into making quality television shows in hopes of replacing films as the number one viewing experience. – danielle577 7 years ago
  • It might be worth it to also examine how streaming, marathoning, and binge-watching have played a role in this. With Netflix releasing full series all at once, it's almost like releasing one, gigantic movie. This was certainly not the case when weekly viewing was the most popular way to watch TV. – dsubject 7 years ago

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