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    Gaming Levels of Diffuculty

    Now that video games are becoming a primary mode of entertainment, it would be great for there to be a "tops" list of games to get into by level of difficulty and genre. It could explore the subgenres and the emergence of easy to control mobile gaming and its effects on larger console/computer games.

    • I like this idea, maybe on a scale of "never touched a controller in your life" to "I am basically welded to it" what games would you recommend. It could either be a personal essay, with the games that the author used to develop their skills, or a look forward to upcoming games, maybe with a pre-emptive look at (whisper it) Christmas presents for gamers. – Francesca Turauskis 9 years ago
    • Maybe you could consider, instead of how easy-to-hard certain games are, exploring why many people think mobile games and the like are more "casual" and easier to play/control over equipment specifically built for control and gaming purposes. – TheLegendofPie 9 years ago
    • An interesting thought. What genres of difficulty would you choose. Does it range from "Wheres the X button" to "I remember that money cheat code from 4th grade to Vice City and I'm not afraid to use it"? – ljhilberath 9 years ago
    • Exactly, I was thinking a game like WOW where it is 1 button attack and defend, compared to a similar MMO the D&D where it has complicated spell casting and intricate steps to memorize to complete actions. Also it might be interesting to compare difficulty in story lines like GTA vs Mario Kart. 3D games are also a whole new world of controller acrobatics that take a long time to get used to. – firefly8517 9 years ago
    • Perhaps also look at the level of specialization in certain genres. For instance, in FPS games, people have their own preferences in fighting as a sniper or a machine gun-wielding tank. This also affects team dynamics. – tsundoku 9 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    As an avid HIMYM watcher, I knew it had to end and by the 8th season I was ready. Like is said in the article, the show did a great job of not just showing the mother in the last season, but in tying up the loose ends to make all of these people we have grown to love over the years happy. It makes it easier to lose them now that they are off the air… maybe.

    Why the How I Met Your Mother Series Finale was Actually Genius

    I was trying to explain why I always recommend HP as a series to read. I said it is simply that Harry is a little boy who was told all his life by those who should have loved him and protected him that he was nothing. He finds out not only that he is special, but there is a community of people like him who accept him (most of the times when they don’t think he is a dark wizard) and with whom he can be himself. And, it has spanned over a decade of my life, from my college years through now. I am reading the books to my six-year-old and they are her favorite movies. It tells great lessons of love, honesty, friendship, and acceptance. It will be a classic, and I will stay a fan… always! (had to do it!)

    Why Harry Potter Appeals to Adults as Well as Younger Audiences

    Back in the 90’s I was first exposed to anime because my brothers had control of the TV most of the time. They watched a ton of different anime shows, but when I saw Ranma 1/2, I was hooked!

    Ranma is a magna show (which means it was adapted from a comic book) where the main character, Ranma, is a teenage boy who is training in martial arts. During a training session, he and his father fall into cursed springs. Ranma into a cursed spring of a drowned girl, and his father into a cursed spring of a drowned panda. So, whenever Ranma or his dad are splashed with cold water, they turn into a girl and a panda respectively. The show is their adventures to try and lift the curse while continuing some semblance of their previously normal lives.

    What I loved about this show, was while being a little stereotype-y, half of the time, or sometime even more than half, Ranma chose to become a girl to help with whatever situation him and his dad were in. Even though Ranma was a boy, he quickly learned he was strong as a female too, and not just because he could wear sexy outfits.

    Since Ranma, I have always been open to any new anime show, many of which were listed above. The drawing style is always so vibrant and beautiful, it is hard to turn away from.

    Anime for Dummies: What Starters Should Watch