Undeniable Bad Characters of Comic Books

I don’t mean bad as in they’re evil, I mean bad as in they were a bad idea much like I think there was some car made that it was like a grill on wheels or any vast sequels where they show a complete damn disregard for continuity that could include a character changing with no genuine explanation.

Example: Penny Plunder
The fact that DC has wrote him out of continuity clearly speaks of how embarrassed they are to once have this as a character. So I guess this makes him to DC like that horrid movie you payed to see in theaters but you were optimistic good or great but then found out it was a execrable movie.

  • I agree, many characters that have been attempted in DC overall have the feeling of just being made for a singular moment of the story line progression without any thought of them as a "good" or logical addition. Though, I would say Marvel has done a better job at making characters that seem like they have more value and appreciation for the continuity over all. – uhstevedude 8 years ago

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