Utopian Fiction

Is the era of the dystopian over? We seem to be seeing a slow rise in the quantity of utopian fantasy and science fiction works being published year-over-year. What can be read from this potential turn away from the primacy of dystopian literature? In addition to these questions, why is it that increase in published utopian literary works does not seem to be a trend that is, as yet, reflected in film?

  • I would agree that there has been an upswing in utopian fiction (maybe the last 5 years). To me, the classics of this genre seem to be heavily weighted in the dystopian category. I would bet that these trends are closely related to larger social, economic, and political trends...it would be wonderful if someone could explore that further and shed light on might have influenced the popularity of these works – kelseyodegreef 5 years ago

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