Veronica Mars- The Power of Competence

Our current culture has it’s fair share of ‘strong female characters’, but Veronica Mars is one who stands out. That’s not because she makes speeches about making her own decisions, it’s because she’s the one getting stuff done. Rather than just reacting to what happens to her, she is the one making moves. Not just for one climatic moment- she is ALWAYS chasing down a case, getting a favour, asking the first question. She is the one people go to for help, she is the one you want on your side, because she is really good at what she does. The point is, female characters saying ‘this is my choice’ while deciding between love interests is not nearly as empowering as watching Veronica seeking out her own cases and succeeding by her own skill.

Discussion doesn’t need to be limited to Veronica Mars. Other characters like Jessica Jones, and (sometimes) Emma Swan (OUAT) show proactive competence. There should definitely be comparisons to characters like Elena Gilbert (Vampire Diaries) who, while brave and occasionally proactive, still lapses into long periods of being rescued and only choosing between other people’s plans.

  • I am a huge fan of VM, she is a very interesting character that is positioned uniquely within the female archetypes. She is a great one to examine that not only does she represent the gumshoe archetype, but that this is met on every level - she has flaws, she has her own code that does not always align with what is legal, she is driven by internal motivations. I agree also that JJ is a good representative of the similar type of emerging female archetype. A great discussion to be having. – SaraiMW 6 years ago
  • she definitely is a strong character and is often overlooked in favour of more popular characters. Definitely, an important issue to discuss. – Ishita 6 years ago
  • LOVE Veronica Mars and still upset with how it ended (or was cancelled). She was headstrong, super witty, hilarious, stubborn and in demand. And I mean literally, people would seek her out and she would help out but only on her terms and I loved that about her. I just admired how clever she was. – teyadonna 6 years ago

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