Video Games Reflecting the Horrors of War

In the early 1990s, Yasumi Matsuno directed a game titled Tactics Ogre; a dark, high-fantasy strategy RPG whose deep and complex plot was inspired by the events of the Yugoslavian Wars at the time. The game forces the player to make significant choices during the course of his campaign, some leading to horrific war crimes and political manipulation. However, can video games truly reflect the scarring and atrocities of war like literature and cinema can?

  • Well, one has to look at war as a condition rather than the background for this analysis to be spot on. I recommend looking at Specs Ops: The Line if the writer wants an Apocalypse Now in the Gulf. That being said I think we should avoid discussing political manoeuvring, since all of war is indeed deceit to paraphrase Sun Tzu. – RedFlame2000 4 years ago

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