Violence in Grand Theft Auto 5

Analyze the negative effects or possible negative effects the game could have on people and also how catharsis could be applied to it.

  • Do you mean the question of whether violent video games like GTA5 directly contribute to violent behavior? If so, it is my understanding that there is still no clear scientific consensus on the matter. That being said, an article analyzing the way violent games can affect cultural perceptions of violence would be an interesting take on the issue. You can separate the question of whether violent games cause violent behavior for the question of how violent games shape perceptions of violence. Case in point, the violence in the GTA series seems to be kinda tongue in cheek with subtle tones of dark humor. I wonder how that presentation affects the reception of the games violent content. – alexbolano92 4 years ago
  • Have you ever considered that GTAV is fantasy; something people think about, but not to practice in life. The same way people play "Destiny," or "Call of Duty." People play these games as a way to unwind. People also read murder mystery books and people and has anybody considered any negative effects it has on people?--Something to consider. – nbcaballero 4 years ago
  • I remember playing earlier versions of this game with my son, we both thought there was lots of violence. Is there some way to compare and contrast the level or types of violence in earlier versions with this latest version? From the way this sentence is written, I get the impression something is different regarding violence. – Joseph Cernik 4 years ago

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