What is next for the Marvel Universe and the Avengers after the events that transpired in Infinity War? (Spoilers)

WIth the 4th Avengers confirmed, what will take place after the events of Infinity War? WIll certain events have the ability to be undone with the various characters and so forth? The ending is so abrupt that little is left to the imagination for what happens next without feeling almost gimmicky.

  • Something interesting to note is that the newly released "Ant-man and the Wasp" trailer, the next entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hardly addresses the ending at all. It's likely that this was done on purpose as to avoid spoilers, but it's kind of hard to tell where the story is going considering the end of Infinity War and the fact that it's so abrupt. Maybe it's set before the ""snap""? I think Marvel has a few ways they could go about it, but I can't imagine a world where they don't somehow just go and undo the ending of Infinity War to make the world "right again." – Dimitri 4 years ago
  • I wonder if they will pull an X-Men and just go back and change everything making Infinity War almost never happen. This is very irritating when Marvel does this because to me it undermines the purpose of the stories and what this reveals about the characters. Sometimes the heroes lose--it seems more honest to work forward than try to erase the past. – tclaytor 4 years ago

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