What shows should be rebooted

Since Full House is getting Fuller House, are there any other shows you think should get spin offs or that should just have their story continued? There’s also "Girl Meets World," which isn’t quite as good because Cory isn’t the main character, but at least he’s in it!

You could also go in another direction with this by arguing why these spin offs aren’t a good idea. I, for one, would like to see what happened to Lizzie McGuire!

  • Might be worth talking about the success or not-so-much-success of spin-offs that came straight after the original show, eg. Friends and Joey or the upcoming How I Met Your Dad – Hannah Spencer 9 years ago
  • I would definitely echo Hannah's idea of talking about the merits/failings of the ones that already there, and then looking ahead to things that should/should not be rebooted and why. I think Girl Meets World is really important because it connects our generation with the generation growing up, and I like that Cory isn't as much the focus. He's grown up too. – Helen Parshall 9 years ago

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