What story elements are necessary to keep in order to make a beloved book to film adaption?

There have been many wonderful adaptions of popular novels, and also many terrible ones. What story elements must be kept faithful in order to appease fans and draw in new viewers. Is it important that the characters look the same? Does symbolism have to be exact?

  • An interesting topic. Your question own symbolism, well we know from past adaptations that change is likely. – Joseph Cernik 4 years ago
  • The biggest element the film adaptation needs to have is keeping the heart of the story. Whatever made the book work should be applied to the film. The Harry Potter films take a lot of liberties but they make sure to keep the magic of JK Rowling's writing alive. – cbo1094 3 years ago
  • It is important to acknowledge the bias of the fans. Their views may lack knowledge or understanding of the movie making process. It is cheaper to mass produce a novel than to create a movie, and the staff have a demanding job of keeping with the main plot points while on a budget. In short, fans may have a different take on the novel than both the author and director, causing a disconnect between them. – Keithwcic 3 years ago

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