What Will The Future of James Bond Look Like After Daniel Craig's Final Film?

Daniel Craig will soon be suiting up for his fifth and final James Bond film, titled "No Time To Die", set to release spring 2020. The film will reportedly see Bond retired in Jamaica (a familiar spot for the Bond series and original author Ian Fleming) at the start of the film. Presumably, Bond is reluctantly called back for one last mission. With this being Craig final Bond film, changes are on the horizon for the massively successful and long enduring franchise. Rumors have long been floating around the internet that the next bond may break gender or color barriers with the casting of the next 007. After Craig’s final film, will the James Bond producers make ambitious changes to its iconic character, or will chose to continue the series’s status quo?

  • If we're going to see a Jane Bond, then I demand to see a Marty Poppins! – Amyus 5 years ago
  • I have a feeling that they will go hard in one of two directions. In one they go even darker and more gritty than they have before, OR they decided to go goofier and more comedic. Either way I will be right there watching. Great idea! – tredmond 4 years ago
  • I think it'll be interesting to compare it to the Mission Impossible series where you have multiple directors of varying backgrounds using an established IP to experiment and tell a new story. Obviously exploring the potential casting decisions is a hot topic right now but what would a James Bond film look with an expressive and experimental director aiming to turn the genre on its head? – CAntonyBaker 4 years ago
  • I don't think James Bond will be as relevant anymore. He'll just be another action star/spy like John Wick or Jason Bourne, no longer as unique. With the #MeToo movement and political correctness, his character would also be more different than it was in the 60's and 70's. Maybe better, but not as distinct. And no, I don't believe he should change genders. It's James Bond. 007 as a woman isn't James Bond. People watch 007 because he's a man. I feel a gender change would lose more people. Better yet, do a different agent - you don't need a female 007. Given the fact that he's been a racist at least once and was written as white, it probably also wouldn't be a good idea for him to change races. I wouldn't be against it, but it wouldn't make sense. – OkaNaimo0819 4 years ago

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