What's up with copyright laws?

Many people don’t know much about copyright laws and what you can do with certain works that are (un)protected by them. Flesh out what the different levels of copyright are, as well as permissions, sampling, how to get copyrighted, etc.

  • Copyright in is best described as a necessarily evil. While it is a ridiculous how strict companies are with their copyrights, It is fair that they want to protect their products or characters, so nobody can take them. – Aaron Hatch 7 years ago
  • It is so important to have copyright laws in place not only to protect authors but also to give credit where it is due. – emilysingh27 7 years ago
  • An important element in any writing is a close examination of who will hold the copyright and what they can do with it. Residual rights and new technology rights clauses require particular attention. – thistle 7 years ago

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