Where will music go?

As trends rise and fall, I look back at the last decade of music and feel nostalgic, grateful and surreal that I was apart of such history. Rap and Hip-Hop took down Rock as the number one genre in America. For example, Lil Wayne sold over a million copies with the Carter 3, Lil Nas X breaking the barrier between country and rap. Lastly, the greatest boy band in the world,BRCKHMPTN, has more than 10 members and only 7 perform regularly. But now we are in the Roaring 20s and have yet to see a shift in sounds but more of a blend between genres. What will be the next big sound producers sample, will live instruments be lost in the information age, or will we be saved by another black guy wearing a cowboy hat.

  • I do think it would be helpful to do a little research and see if there are any music experts examining these trends and trying to predict the "next big thing" in music. I would also suggest looking even further back in history, and looking at how music evolved as new instruments were created and popularized. I also think the internet & the accessibility of music software lowers the barrier to entry for more people to get involved in making music. I think it's really fantastic that kids can make their own music, post it online, and end up in the Top 40. – Eden 2 years ago

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