Batman or Superman: How do their moral values affect the youth of today?

Analyze the aspects that make Batman and Superman inspiring, and then aim to understand which of these aspects could be beneficia, and which may be harmful. For example, Batman is one of the most self disciplined characters of all time, but at the same time, he goes against the law and constantly breaks the rules. How much of this should youth today aspire to be like?

  • I believe in order to better understand and determine the moral values of both Superman and Batman, there has to be a set universe parameter. Is this an analysis of the cannon comic book versions, alternate universe versions, or the cinematic versions? I feel that anything from the movies and television shows have some influence directly from the comic books, and draw off of the source material. Therefore for a strong argument for discussing who has the moral high ground and how that relates to today's youth. – BigSam78 7 years ago
  • A more important question is: Why choosing specifically Batman and Superman to discuss moral values? Or why did you elaborate ideas on Batman but not on Superman? Very inconsistent. – T. Palomino 2 years ago

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