Why don't we go the the Cinema anymore?

More and more people claim to prefer staying home to watch a movie rather than going out to the cinema. Why is this? What has changed within culture that makes staying home to appealing. Is it because the time spent at work has increased and people are tired? It is because we prefer to spend time with friends and family in a non-public setting? Is it because there are so many other activities we can attend that going to a cinema has just faded?

  • You might want to explore specific business decisions cinemas have made. For example, it's been reported that Regal is going to test demand-based ticket pricing, meaning people will have to pay more to see blockbusters like Star Wars and less for something like Wind River (http://variety.com/2017/film/news/regal-entertainment-demand-based-pricing-movies-1202599097/). – KennethC 7 years ago
  • Almost the boom in tv shows seem to have a greater calling nowadays, is this because of programs like Netflix and Stan too? – AbbyMay 7 years ago
  • Some other downsides of cinema to consider: 1. The expense. By the time you get your ticket and pay for snacks, you're out a good $25-$30 minimum, and that's not even considering if your entire family goes with you. 2. Lack of choice. We've been spoiled by TV movies and Netflix. There, if you don't like the movie, you can turn it off. Not so in cinema. 3. Expectations/judgment. This runs the gamut from the person who gets glared at because they walk out to use the bathroom mid-flick, to the person who gets judged for bringing a ten-year-old to a film rated PG-13. Not that I agree with the last one, but at least if you do it in your own home, it's your business. And that's not even mentioning people who go to the movies alone, or adults who go to "kids'" or "family" flicks just because they want to, dang it. 4. You touched on this one, but: being out in public. I've been to movies where there were people talking the whole time, kids running in the aisles, people stepping all over me to find seats...it turns you into a temporary misanthrope, let me tell you. – Stephanie M. 7 years ago
  • The quality of cinema being produced may have an impact on this statistic. We are well into a time period where Hollywood sequel/reboot money grabs are cropping up everywhere such as Star Wars and Jurassic Park, as well as movies attempting to kickstart their own mega-franchises in the light of the MCU's recent success, such as the DCEU and Dracula's attempt a horror-themed franchise. The combination of these two mentalities have significantly impacted on movie studios working towards crafting an individual story, and instead, planning 2 or 3 movies down a series, or adding pointless characters and plot-arcs to sell merchandise. – Gliese436B 6 years ago
  • Indeed, there is a resounding agreement to your question of "why?". You might consider exploring some of the ways the industry is trying to retain an audience: stadium seats that recline, 3D, serving alcohol and high end cuisine,loyalty packages etc. Are these innovations working? – L Squared 6 years ago
  • This topic might require an examination of statistical issues (demographics and trends over several years). In addition, US versus global movie goers would need to be addressed. 2017 saw the lowest turnout in some 25 years but, by itself, does that spell doom? – Joseph Cernik 6 years ago

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