Why is Andy Warhol still so relevant?

Even if you are not a huge art buff, you’ve probably heard the name Andy Warhol. Even if you have never heard his name you’ve probably seen his famous Marilyn or Campbell’s Soup masterpieces. He is a symbol of thinking outside the box, a symbol of creative energy, a symbol still idolized by some and relevant to many. What is it that makes this pop culture artist still so well known and influential to modern creatives and artisits?

  • As per Venus Echos' comment, since this topic has been previously written, how about looking into Warhol's continuing influence on contemporary artists and trace through-lines of his craft. – L Squared 3 weeks ago
  • Warhol is indeed quite special. He is an intricate puzzle that only gets more confusing as you decipher him. It seems he is still so relevant today because of his self made character, and his seamless fusion with money. Warhol created a persona for himself that catapulted him to the top of the art world. His whole character can be seen as a performance art piece, bringing him more fame. Then the idea of money, often times the art world shuns the idea of money. Artists and critics like to think of artwork as being completely expressive or separate from money. Warhol's shameless branding and attitude towards money has to be inspiring to struggling artists. His phenomenal success as an artist combined with actually making good money, provides a framework that one can imagine most artists would like to pursue. – anton 6 days ago

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