Why is Friends (1994-2004) still relevant to younger audiences over a decade later?

After the Netflix reboot of the popular sit-com Friends (1994), many young adults have watched the series and fell in love with it, as audiences at the time of the release did. Analyze what makes the show filled with 1990’s fashion, pop culture and technology of today so timeless. Compare the series to shows such as How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014) and, the Netflix relaunch of That 70’s show. (1998)

  • Friends can be considered to be aspirational. While many shows are set in New York. So few of them are so unrealistic. From the unfortunately common white washing of the city to the locations that far exceed the ability of the protagonists to afford them. To what degree do contemporary shows lean on realism. Not allowing their characters to live in extravagant lifestyles because the internet so easily allows the audience to see and share how unrealistic this is whereas in it's hey day Friends existed beyond the internet. In a time before social networks would let audiences affect production. – wolfkin 9 years ago

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