Will The Mainstream ever run dry...?

Whether reflecting intently on philosophical ideas or simply just having a think about the daily grind, i always try to do so from a position of, and as close to, No Ego/No Judgement as i possibly can. Not always an easy task but i do think i’m getting better at it. What i often come back to when thinking in this manner is this; the people who shift the direction, development and/or progress of film, music, art, politics, philosophy, science and almost every label of human endeavour – have done so essentially from the fringe or from outside what people would generally call "The Mainstream". In fact, they generally challenge The Mainstream and it’s pale acceptance directly or in response to some aspect of it. Given this, i was wondering what other people think about this idea and the further question of "Why is "The Mainstream" always so big…?". Quite possibly you may think nothing at all or maybe something at least – i’m unsure but i do suspect sometimes that it exists solely for the purpose of being a Punching Bag or Launch Pad for innovative thinking, risk taking and ultimately creating…

  • Thank you Pamela - yes, i agree with you that it needs much tightening so a thesis can emerge. I guess what i was philosophically rambling towards was a look at the juxtaposition between the mainstream (what's popular as you rightly said) and the new ideas that initially strike against the mainstream, only to eventually either fade out or become absorbed into it. It would seem to me that the mainstream exists for marketing purposes more than anything. I will have a think and revise what i put down - cheers for the comment...! – Michael Hall 6 years ago
  • Happy to help! Your proposed revision sounds excellent -- looking forward to seeing the edited version! – Pamela Maria 6 years ago
  • This needs a major revision. "Mainstream" is a good topic but what is needed is to address what it is, what it encompasses and what is not included and why. Are non-mainstream sources (say in a media sense) as reliable as something seen as mainstream? Is the aim to be accepted as mainstream? – Joseph Cernik 6 years ago

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