Writing in Isolation during a global pandemic

Amidst a global pandemic, most of us are working from home, and in that context, mental health has become a persistent topic. For writers, daily access to the outside world is an integral part in motivating our creative processes. Under current circumstances where quarantine and isolation is advised, I propose an article that may consider the positive and negative effects that isolation may have in writing as a creative process.

  • A timely topic indeed. I'd suggest adding a section on combating the isolation if and when possible. The obvious answer is, "leave the house," but there are more creative and necessary options during the pandemic, such as taking a virtual museum tour or watching a musical or operatic performance online. In fact, you might profile some platforms where people can do these activities as part of this or another article. – Stephanie M. 1 year ago
  • Awesome suggestions, it makes sense that the article not only considers the problem but also offer possible solutions to the problem. – Locke 1 year ago
  • I actually think this topic is so relevant and important to explore during this time. – RheaRG 1 year ago
  • This is a great topic to discuss. I have currently been writing during quarantine and it is very different and a little difficult. – Raven Kirk 12 months ago

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