Paul Butland is a contributing writer for The Artifice. He is a supporter of the arts and creative literature.

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Why the Film & TV Entertainment Industry Has Influenced Lifestyles and Human Behaviour in the 20th Century

The movie and TV entertainment industry throughout the 20th Century has given happiness and relief from monotony in everyday life. Entertainment affects culture and improves the economy by creating employment for talented creative people. Most of all, people enjoy movies, media, and the escape this provides from the everyday grind of working and living their lives. Entertainment is also a powerful remedy for anxiety and depression, which improves mental health and well-being.

The author of this article could draw upon various forms of the movie and TV entertainment industry that have influenced our culture and attitudes over the past 80 years. Secondly, it might be notable to discuss issues surrounding mental health and well-being, which are essential because watching movies can improve cognition and memory. Finally, films and TV have also had cultural impacts, such as creating or reinforcing societal stereotypes. Although media creates stereotypes about specific cultures, this topic could take the audience’s perspective on how certain stereotypes in our culture might have been avoided through informative documentaries, television, and movies.


    The Relevancy of Beowulf in the 21st Century

    The poem Beowulf is relevant today primarily because of its traditional and ancient theme of the battle between good and evil. In today’s world, we still fight monsters in the form of tyrants or greedy and selfish people who can harm others. The characters of Beowulf, Grendel, and Grendel’s Mother are models of many types of fiction, such as King Arthur, the Movie Enchanted, and Mulan. The same issues that plagued society at the time of Beowulf are still relevant today. This topic would be interesting for comparing society and culture from a thousand years ago when it was written to the literature of the modern world.

    The author of this article might analyze the characters and monsters of Beowulf and write about how these reflect the underlying demons and frightening problems in our lives. But instead, this ancient and powerful poem is as entertaining and compelling today as in ancient times, teaching us to fight evil and be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

    • Relevance can also be extended in the archetypes of Beowulf, Grendel, and Grendel's Mother. Characters who parallel or draw from them can be seen in many forms of fiction. – Sunni Ago 2 years ago
    • They can also discuss how Beowulf has influenced other works and set a precedent, thus making it still enjoyable since it’s contemporaries are also enjoyed – Anna Samson 2 years ago

    The Mystery Behind The Influence of Instagram And The Popular Culture Industry?

    Analyze how Instagram influences humans and the popular culture industry. Has this fueled our addiction to the fan-based product industry through the impact of social media? For example, Selena Gomez is one of the most popular Instagram influencers in the music industry today. She has over 400 million followers on Instagram and Facebook. She has worked with many major brands such as Adidas NEO, Pantene, and Coca-Cola. Artists and Influencers brand their products differently today on social media than when television was popular. Platforms like Instagram have produced more fake branding and advertisement than ever; compared to TV in the past, social media seems to have sponsored fan-based products on an enormous scale, and many artists/influencers have "sold out" to consumer franchising. Product placement is highly prevalent in today’s world. Although social media is excellent for connecting people and selling products, it is controlled by executives who make decisions on product placement, creating a culture of consumption and distraction with no end. What can we do to save humanity from consuming fan-based products, and how are social media influencers like Instagram over-promoting consumption for society? – Richard


      The Influence of Social Media Marketing on Artists

      Analyze how artists and entrepreneurs use social Media Marketing. How have platforms like Facebook and Instagram transformed the way artists communicate and market their products. How can the art world benefit from social media, and what are the disadvantages of doing business online?

      • It's a fascinating subject. As provided, I believe it is quite broad. It should be more explicit and concrete, taking into account relevant case studies. Finally, it may be beneficial to specify why such an examination is required. – Samer Darwich 2 years ago
      • You need to be more specific. Pick 2 or 3 examples of social media marketing that used a good creative campaign and how this was received by the audience. And maybe 2 or 3 examples of bad campaigns that, despite aiming to be trendsetters as well as using creative innovation, received a backlash for not being able to read the room and be sensible. – Dani CouCou 2 years ago
      • I would also look at the added responsibility that social media marketing lays on artists. Artists are now often both full-time artists and marketers, which can wear them thin if they don't have the opportunity to outsource. – dallykay 2 years ago
      • Artists are likely to be "kidnapped" by the audience, because if they do not cater to the audience's own work will not be taken seriously. – Bruce 2 years ago

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      Latest Comments


      In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, Lady Macbeth is depicted as a strong and dominant figure in a society that was largely controlled by men and their gender norms. She is a highly ambitious character who yearns for power and equality, which challenges the traditional gender roles of the time. The play highlights how women, who were traditionally considered insignificant, could be just as ruthless and ambitious in their pursuit of power as men.

      Lady Macbeth: Unravelling the Complexities of Shakespeare's Iconic Character

      Interesting new pop culture characters, including K-Pop and Hallyu; there seems to be more worldwide pop culture phenomenon than ever—an exciting contrast to North American graphic novels and animation. The entertainment business has grown increasingly, creating a global culture of fans and introducing Western audiences to Korean culture.

      Hallyu & Anime: A More Than Welcome Ongoing Love Story

      This article makes a good point about sexuality portrayed in the movies and how camera angles and graphic depictions of sexual relationships suggest imaginary fantasy scenarios that could be possible to the viewer. However, the media has a responsibility to the public to provide carefully documented entertainment that leaves the viewer entertained without constructing negative biases or false perspectives on relationships and sexuality. This is true, particularly for young adolescents and people affected negatively by the power of suggestion generated by the media.

      The Portrayal of Sex Scenes in Media

      This article makes an important point about social acceptance and modern appearance values. Hopefully, viewers who watch Helter Skelter and the Black Mirror episode “Nosedive” can come away with the hope that life has hope for everyone, not just those trapped in the system.

      Exploring the impact of social medias through Helter Skelter and Black Mirror's Nosedive

      Creating cartoon apes through an algorithm is a unique way to create ‘good art’ but doesn’t capitalize on NFT in the long term. Is digitally created art really ‘true art’?

      Why Should We Separate Real Art From NFTs of the Bored Ape Yacht Club Type?

      This article is an excellent example of an action-comedy horror dark fantasy. However, I am not a huge fan of dark amines, and this type of series is too graphic. On the other hand, Tatsuki Fujimoto’s storytelling is stylish and aesthetic, which appeals to the teenage generation and fans of this genre.

      Chainsaw Man and the New Shonen Protagonist

      This article makes an interesting point about writers’ renditions of superheroes in comics and movies inspiring people and teaching valuable lessons to children. However, if superheroes could change the world, they might become overly powerful, resulting in disastrous consequences for humankind.

      Why Don't Superheroes Change the World?

      Interesting how this author compares restorative and reflective nostalgia. The accumulation of wealth leads to reckless behaviour in America; JFK as a black man, represented in Lana Del Rey’s video, “National Anthem,” shows how culture and society in America have changed, but the underlying power structure of the rich and powerful remains.

      "National Anthem” by Lana Del Rey as a Commentary on American Nationalism and Political Structures