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    Is Hollywood and the Oscars as relevant as they used to be?

    We’ve just seen history in the making last weekend when, for the first time ever a foreign language film won the Best Picture Oscar. Has Hollywood finally learned that there are other countries outside of the US where brilliant and talented people tell fascinating stories? Does this mark a new era for Hollywood in which we’ll see more international talent celebrated or a last attempt of a dying branch of the film industry to stay relevant and "woke" in an increasingly globalised and diverse world?

    • You could also look at 2016, which seemed to be the start of a new, diverse era in Hollywood, with more people of colour and LGBTQ stories, and see why that failed to make an impact (or, at least, as much of an impact as everyone believed it would). – OkaNaimo0819 1 month ago
    • I would still argue that many "problems" that critics have brought up about Oscar voting and the landscape of voters still rings true for many watching the event. I would suggest looking at the Oscar campaign surrounding Greta Gerwig's "Little Women". It was a film that resonated with many viewers of all different ages and received critical reception, but was snubbed in a key category like Best Director. While Parasite's win was an exciting surprise, it feels like the Oscars have not changed as much as they have been touted to change. – Sean Gadus 1 month ago
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    delightful article deconstructing two great films.
    Another film with deeply culinary metaphors is I Am Love (2009), directed by Luca Guadagnino and starring Tilda Swinton as a Russian expat in Italy. Highly recommended.

    Feminism and Food in Film

    I’m not sure I fully agree with this view. It’s true that some of the films discussed here have shoehorned strong female characters into standard male oriented fantasy narrative. However, it is wrong to assume that there aren’t enough strong female oriented narratives out there that are finally getting their time on the silver screen.
    The paradox here comes from the toxic Hollywood culture which represents the increasingly shakier foundation on which these narratives are built.
    I think it’s time to actively look for and encourage independent filmmaking and forget about the big studios, the franchises, DC, Marvel and the lot.

    The Paradox of the Strong Female Character

    I think a balance needs to be reached between the two media. Francois Truffaut famously wrote about bad films based on literary works in his article “Une certaine tendance…”

    The Art of Adaptation: From Book to Film

    You make some really good points. I know a historian who was absolutely horrified at the idea of having Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart meet up in the film Mary Queen of Scots, when in reality there is no record of the two ever meeting up.
    I think that it will be very hard for historians to enjoy a film based on true events when that film departs from historical facts and moves into fantasy and myth. The interesting thing is that even reputed and knowledgeable historians don’t agree on certain events, especially when so much time has passed in the interim.
    Personally I enjoy watching films that aren’t too faithful to the historical accounts because they show imagination, passion and are opening the discussion for new ideas and interpretations of a specific source text.
    I myself have enjoyed Braveheart to the point where I wanted to learn more about the actual man behind the myth.
    Watching a historical film is always a good occasion to put Google to good use and find out more about what really happened compared to what you’ve just seen.
    I recommend the YouTube channel called History Buffs, it’s full of very good analyses of films based on true events.

    How Important is Historical Accuracy in Films?