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    Why have apocalypse-style films and TV shows become so mainstream in recent years?

    The idea of an apocalypse has existed in history for hundreds of years, but why in recent times has the idea of an apocalypse become to mainstream? Whether it’s zombies, nukes, or anything in between, these stories have taken a deep root in our modern culture. Is it because we feel detached from our primal survivalist selves? Take for example the show The Walking Dead. The show is a massive success, second only to Game Of Thrones during its run time. Apart from the amazing writing and impeccable acting performances, there is a certain allure to the idea of a group of at-first strangers growing into a family through trials and tribulations and lots of zombie guts. It is also interesting to see how these stories are received in different cultures around the world. For example I know that in many parts of Asia, there is a massive love for all things zombie. Why do you think this is?

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      This is great! Super well written, and great use of images to support the text!

      The Superhero Origin... Again?

      Especially at a time where foreign films and multi-cultural films are becoming more popular and mainstream here in the US, this is a fascinating history to understand!

      Subtitling for Cinema: A Brief History

      The use of clothing in films is one of the greatest tools in creating a visually interesting environment! Especially when thought is put into color use as well.

      Costumes On Screen: How Clothing Has Enhanced Visual Storytelling