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    "We're Here!" is Queer Eye for Drag Queens

    HBO’s "We’re here!" is, essentially, doing what the reboot of "Queer Eye" did– heading into rural and isolated communities and confronting the structural limitations of that community, building a pop-up drag show for one weekend. The queens work with a few people (some cis, straight men; some queer folk; some baby Queens) to help them embrace their femininity and performativity. And it is clear that a connection is made. But then what? Queer Eye’s reboot has been critiqued by feminist, gender studies, and queer writers for the appropriation of racialized cultures, the shaming of people living in poverty, and the kind of neoliberalist fantasy that consumerism will save someone. Is "We’re Here!" doing a similar kind of thing? My instinct is that "We’re Here!" is avoiding some of the traps of Queer Eye while falling into a few of them.

    • I approved the topic because I believe the overall concept is solid. But, I would caution against getting your personal feeling involved if you decided to write on this article. Sentences like "My instinct is that "We’re Here!" is avoiding some of the traps of Queer Eye while falling into a few of them." can be ignored by critics as they will simply say they had the opposite feeling. I would lean more heavily into criticism formed by studies or providing evidence from the show for your points. – Blackcat130 3 years ago
    • Absolutely! Good point. And I would agree that anyone who writes this topic should find analytic through points and avoid speculation. – ProfRichards 3 years ago

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    Fascinating! Thank you!

    Plato's Cave and the Construction of Reality in Postmodern Movies

    There are some excellent analytical points in this piece. The ending, pivoting from fun to meaning, seems to be the thesis about art. Outer Wilds is a great case in point. Is it fun to wait for the sand to drain on Ash Twin to access the warps? Nope. But while you wait, you watch. You hear. You get zapped by the sand column because you under estimated your distance. But that communicates something deeper than fun.

    Artistic Merit In Video Games

    I love this piece, as I am passionate about archiving games and game experiences. We need more lending libraries that stock old hardware (and adapters) so people can re experience these cultural artifacts. We keep them alive by playing. And while emulators are a stop-gap, they don’t replace the material experience of holding specific controllers, waiting for load times and the embodied experience of games.

    The Importance of Digital Media Preservation

    A lovely meditation! Thank you for writing this piece. That said, I understand simulacra and Plato’s allegory of the cave differently. Plato’s allegory is that all of human’s experiences of “reality” are reflections and not objective materiality. Simulacra is yet another (!!) layering of meditation caused by Benjamin’s mechanical reproduction. So films like The Matrix and Inception mediate on a nostalgic and ideological notion of “reality” and never really go far enough to show the absurdities of assuming reality is stable or fixed. There is no unitary reality. Right?

    Plato's Cave and the Construction of Reality in Postmodern Movies