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Ana Souza

Cinephile, globe-trotter, third culture kid, television-remote-hogger, masters student, permanent wanderer, avid writer, curiosity-driven passion-seeker, art-lover, enquirer.

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    Ana Souza

    Yeah I think that’s why he can be very hit or miss with his films sometimes, simply because there are so many and he is constantly film-making! But thankfully when he gets it right, he really soars. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Blue Jasmine, it looks intriguing!

    8 Films to See Before Blue Jasmine: A Crash Course in Woody Allen Movies
    Ana Souza

    Great advice! I would only add that interning or volunteering can be a great way of getting involved first-hand, especially in terms of the larger festivals (ex. Sundance) where getting accreditation can be tricky or expensive otherwise! Some festivals also offer student deals/passes for film students so that’s another thing to keep in mind. Loved the external links you provided as well, very helpful!

    Film Festivals: How To Go Like a Pro
    Ana Souza

    Great article, definitely agree with most of the improvements you suggested, especially the CGI overkill and the need for Andy, Alene and co to take a backseat (or at least prop up their side-plots with half-way invested writing and character development). I’m still hesitant about the fairy element, though; as you mentioned, the exposure we’ve had to that world so far was far from engaging and the back-story behind it all seemed a little ‘thrown in’ rather than properly explored. If the fairies are going to be a larger part of the narrative in the future, all I can say is I hope the writers are up for the task of giving their story the attention and care it deserves!

    6 Ways the Sixth Season of 'True Blood' Could Get Back on Track
    Ana Souza

    Not sure Melancholia was that unheard of, particularly considering the buzz it generated at Cannes at the time and its casting of Kirsten Dunst; nonetheless this is a great list! I absolutely love Moon and you’re right, it harnesses the best of atmospheric sci-fi and was undeservedly way under the radar (although that can be considered a good thing).

    6 Amazing Sci-Fi Films Released in the Last Decade You've Never Heard Of
    Ana Souza

    I’m a huge fan of Padilha as well but I’m still skeptical about this venturing of his into Hollywood…I think it all comes down to the degree of studio control as you mentioned, which will define the final outcome. I’m just worried it will be a bit like Jeunet’s foray to Hollywood for Alien 4 which didn’t end so well and illustrated precisely how Hollywood can squash the creative talents of even the most daring filmmakers, especially within science fiction. I guess we will see what happens and keep our fingers crossed!

    José Padilha: RoboCop Reboot, Brazil's Broken Favelas and the Hispanic Armada