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    Very well-written article. But I agree with some of the above comments that Wolverine has become a bit overplayed, since he’s the star of every X-Men film and has two (and one forthcoming) standalone films of his own. I am not a fan of Bryan Singer’s work, particularly. I wish FOX had rebooted the franchise with First Class instead of doing a “pre-boot,” or whatever it is they called it. There are way too many continuity errors as is. But they’ll no doubt try to fix it within DoFP. I would like to see the studio rights revert back to Marvel, like Daredevil and Punisher have done.

    X-Men: Days of Future Past: Why Fox Desperately Needs it to Succeed

    I agree with Nilson Thomas Carroll’s comment about Inferno in season 4 of Mad Men. I will have to check out Confessions of an Advertising Man. This article reminded me of the extensive reading list that accompanied Lost.

    The Literature of Mad Men

    This article reminds me of the extensive reading list that accompanied Lost. I definitely will look into obtaining a copy of Confessions of An Advertising Man.

    The Literature of Mad Men

    Interesting article and an interesting perspective

    House of Lies: Perks and Pitfalls of the Exploration of Pansexuality and Gender Expression

    I remember only seeing bits and pieces of Moral Orel before it was canceled. The satiric nature of the show seemed like it was up my alley, but I never really followed it. I enjoyed your analysis and I will try and find time to sit down and actually watch the series. I liked your point that “…religious zealotry is often met with respect, even reverence until it betrays social norms.” Unfortunately, religious extremism/fundamentalism isn’t so different from the “mainstream” as people often think.

    Moral Orel: Repression in Moralton