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    Is Star Wars Actually Talking About WW2

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, or is it? Think about it for a second, Star Wars may seem like a regular good vs evil space battle, but deep down, could it actually be referring to the fight between Axis and the Allies. Lets start with the names for the troops of the Galactic Empire, or Empire for short, the troops are called stormtroopers, which were actually the names of some of Hitler’s troops, then theres the fact that Darth Vader’s name is similar to Vater a german name for father and then thee is the dictator-ship of Emperor Palpatine. Now you may be thinking what about Darth? Doesn’t he technically rule with Palpatine? NO! Vader would be more equivalent to the idea of the Nazi super soldiers or in this galaxy, the Sith apprentice himself. Now think of the First Order, the smaller fraction of what’s left of the Empire, they could represent the modern Nazis or Neo Nazis. Now let’s head to the Rebellion. The Rebellion was already fighting the Empire, so they could be represented as the Allies pre-Skywalker, and then Luke Skywalker joins in after the death of his uncle and aunt, the attack of Pearl-Harbor December 7, 1941, and this ultimately makes Skywalker a represenation of the U.S. Hope this helps if anyone had an idea about it!

    • Actually, Star Wars talked about the Vietnam War. I wrote an article about it and Lucas himself said he drew inspiration from that war. The Ewoks were the Vietcong and the Empire was America. – Jemarc Axinto 8 years ago
    • Thanks for that bit of knowledge. – BrainiacGamer3 8 years ago
    • Yeah, it's not a bad theory, but I think you will have to come up with a new topic as this one has no information backing it. – Jemarc Axinto 8 years ago
    • Star Wars is a mishmash of a lot of things. It has influences of WWII but it also has influences from WWI films (the x-wing/Tie fighter dogfights). As well as the warring states / samurai period of Japan. It's hard to make a case for it being about any single event. – Eric 8 years ago
    • Well, it's more about fact. George Lucas explicitly said that he made the films (specifically Return of the Jedi) about the Vietnam War. Perhaps it would be best to make an article about how Star Wars draws inspiration from a multitude of wars without necessarily being "about" a specific war. Or, even better, it could talk about how Star Wars represents the many things that go into war. I.e. war itself, politics, etc. – Jemarc Axinto 8 years ago

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    The card game may be called Duel Monsters, but a reason it may be called Yu-Gi-Oh! instead of Duel Monsters may be because of a game, with a similar title and game play, called Duel Masters, which is now made into the adapted version Kaijudo. Just thought I should let you know that important bit of information.

    Yu-Gi-Oh!: Terrifying or Inspiring?

    I agree with your perspective of the topic, but I don’t really agree with stereotypical picture stating, basically, that most new comers to anime, or a certain series of anime, only came for stuff like nudity or make out sessions, where some people come just because its an anime they may have wanted to try out, or just because some one told them it was good. But again let me say again I still agree with your perspective of the types of anime starting to exist.

    Titillating Anime

    i think SAO should be on here, but I still agree with your choices, especially Brotherhood, but i think SAO would have been a great choice as it hasn’t ended yet.

    Anime for Dummies: What Starters Should Watch