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    I do think that comics with superheroes have literary value (one of my favorites is Spider-Man Blue by Loeb & Sale). I feel that a lot of the literary value of comics is either overlooked, or tainted by the presence of superheroes causing the perception that comics are just fun stories without much merit or value. I agree with your comment that comics are a lot more subversive in how they approach topics, which is another issue altogether. Basically, my point is by removing the “distraction” of the superhero from a comic or graphic novel, the commentary that the piece presents becomes more noticeable.

    Comics Without Superheroes: The Literary Value of Graphic Novels

    I have not heard of Manga Shakespeare. To be honest, I’m not a huge Shakespeare fan (thanks high school English classes), but the Manga aspect could make it more enjoyable.

    Comics Without Superheroes: The Literary Value of Graphic Novels

    It is interesting how comics have been as compartmentalized in the U.S. as they have. But you.re right, Wertham had a HUGE part in that, almost killed the industry. I still need/want to read his “Seduction of the Innocent” though, just out of curiosity. Probably reads like some Cold War anti-Communism propaganda.

    Comics Without Superheroes: The Literary Value of Graphic Novels

    Marvel is getting ready to do the same thing with Wolverine this year. Of course Wolverine isn’t going to stay dead, and apparently Marvel’s reasoning for killing off what is arguably their most popular character is apparently an attempt to freshen up the character for readers when he returns.

    Death as Inspiration in Comics

    My first console system as a child was an Atari, my second? An NES. For over 20 years I’ve been a Nintendo fan, and my favorite system by far was the Game Cube. Nintendo really pushed the envelope with that system, from the design of the system to the reinvention of the games. Though I can’t say that I was a fan of Wind Waker (because I’m not-it’s my least favorite Zelda game) what they did with the Metroid series was phenomenal.

    To your point about innovation with the Game Cube, the best example with the Wii was Super Mario Galaxy. Having to navigate 360 degrees of worlds really made the player have to think about how they moved and interacted with the environment more than any other game I’ve played.

    The biggest hurdle for Nintendo, though, has always been the lack of third party games. If Nintendo wants to salvage the Wii U, or start looking towards their next console. The availability of third party games will need to be addressed. Personally, I don’t think that third party games are ever as good as what Nintendo produces, but the benefit is variety for the players.

    What Nintendo Should Learn From the GameCube Era