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    What Does Hydra Captain America Really Mean?

    Could one of Marvel’s most beloved heroes really have been a Nazi all along? Is this just bad writing, a thinly disguised action of antisemitism, or a calculated business move to pull attention away from DC’s Rebirth? What does this mean for the future of both Captain America and Marvel itself? With so many people outraged, is it a move they can truly recover from?

    • This is a fantastic topic! I think it would be really important to cover all that Captain America has done so far as well, and consider how his actions could have benefited the organization he now 'works for'. I can't wait to read this! – LilyaRider 8 years ago
    • Great topic! When covering this hot topic, don't forget to mention the circumstances within the comic itself, in addition to the business end of things, as well as the history of comic books introducing major storylines only for temporary effect [remember the death of (insert character here)]. Good luck taking on this topic! – Dominique Kollie 8 years ago

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    I’m currently reading Peter Pan, and found this article quite stimulating. The way you describe the dilemma almost makes me want to draw parallels between Peter Pan and Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince, where the presumed unaging protagonist does indeed make the choice to return to his own love.

    The Problem of Peter Pan: Should Choices Hurt?

    This article reminds me of the old days- in fact, I left Pottermore when at what you rightly reference to as ‘the beginning of the end’, so this was a bit of a bittersweet read for me. Another thing- it was very well written. A lot of information and lacking the rigidness of the traditional essay. You clearly know what you’re doing!

    The Lost Civilization of Pottermore

    No Game No Life is one of my favorite anime series, and I was very excited to see and article on it. I think you captured the spirit of the anime very well in this piece, and did an excellent job summarizing the major plot points and showing how they worked with your thesis. A good read, definitely makes me want to go rewatch the show with these new thoughts in mind.

    No Game No Life: Post-Modern Detectives