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    Is Rupi Kaur Overrated?

    Most of the poems from milk and honey sound cringe, as if a high schooler might have posted it on Instagram directly post breakup. How do make sense of her monumental success?

    • Maybe the genre of IG poetry could be defined/described by using the case study of Rupi Kaur. I think that moves this project away from mere ad hominem critique and toward something that a broader audience could appreciate. – ProfRichards 3 years ago

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    Ooh yes I wish you had pushed the Adam Smith/One Piece connection a bit further, especially considering how the Straw Hats crew is essentially a “mini-society” where everyone specializes in their one skill, and the harmony/growth of the whole depends on everyone’s ability to fulfill their part. Great insight, glad you saw that!

    Philosophy in Anime

    Omg yes the Nami example! I remember when all the crewmembers re-met and both Nami’s and Robin’s breasts had gotten bigger and my immediate 15 year-old reaction was “Wait where is this anime heading?” and it turned out the best of the saga had passed. It just feels like one of those tropes mangaka cling to when they’re running out of ideas. Pray for One Piece. Great piece!

    Anime in America: The Adverse Affect on Women

    Great piece! I think of lot of things went over my head when I first read this in high school. A re-read may be long overdue..

    Of Mice and Men: How does Steinbeck Portray Oppression?

    Another film that comes to mind is Cuaron’s Gravity. Without Price’s music, a lot of the tension would be lost in pivotal scenes.

    How the Score Impacts a Film

    Another memorable representation of autism for me is Farkle from the tween series Girl Meets World. I was pleasantly surprised to see Disney normalizing openly talking about autism in one of their shows. Great piece!

    Autism in Media: Progressing, Yet Stuck