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    The Adaptation Game

    It was recently pointed out to me that books would make much better TV show adaptations than movie adaptations. There’s more time for character development, producers wouldn’t necessarily need to cut any content die hard fans would be hoping for, and writers could be more faithful to the original canon. However dragging a story out too long could lose the audience. Discuss the pros and cons of both.

    • There is also the factor that some things in books are hard to recreate in film and in TV. Film don't just leave scenes out of a book just because of the running time; It is also because there are parts of books that just don't translate well in to film. Just look the Shining mini-series for example. The book is filled with disturbing and creepy scenes, but when you try to translate it into TV, it just comes of as silly. What readers imagine in their head is usually 10 times scarier that when it is depicted on screen. – Aaron Hatch 9 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    Don’t get me wrong, KLK was fantastic – right up until the last episode. I suppose it would depend on what you want to get out of the show, but it spends 25(ish) episodes amping you up for the boss battle to end all boss battles and deus ex machina’s right out of there. For me, personally, getting robbed like that kind of spoiled the anime and makes it difficult to rewatch.

    5 Most Disappointing Anime of 2014

    I enjoyed the show a lot more than you did, which I guess is lucky for me. I do have to disagree with you about some parts of Yuno’s character, however. I don’t agree that she’s a series of impulses without any substance, and I would argue that her personality is well-developed. She’s a 14 year old girl with die-hard determination, high reasoning skills and intelligence. She can be exceptionally manipulative at times, and wants to please those around her. Additionally, her crush on Yuki doesn’t come out of no where, although it does grow exponentially from the smallest of interactions. That said, it’s not unusual for a crush to grow out of control at her age and doesn’t seem so unreasonable when a survival game is introduced.

    That said, I do agree with your points about cause-and-effect character development. However, I also think cutting out the fan service wouldn’t necessarily rectify that. Maybe replacing the fan service with character development for the fan serviced characters would have been an improvement, but then again, they’re catering to their audience.

    Mirai Nikki (2011) Review: A Twisted Bloodbath of a Love Story

    For me, the choice is easy: the 1993 version tops Crystal. Not only is the art style abominable, as mentioned, but the script is better, too. In Crystal, there comes a part where Usagi admits she is Sailor Moon to Mamoru – and is then conflicted whether or not she should transform when confronted by an enemy because he will know her identity. I find that the script in Crystal is also over-simplified, reducing the bad guys to “I’m evil because evil is fun!”. In the original, Beryl knew she was bad, but she justified it. In Crystal, they don’t even try. It’s like they exist just because Sailor Moon needs bad guys to fight.

    Finally, yes, there are a lot of filler episodes in the original, but they don’t feel that way. With the extra content, we get more character development, more believable relationships (as opposed to Usagi x Mamoru’s overnight romance), and more time for Usagi and the Sailor Scouts to believably hone their skills to the point where they are ready to face Beryl and Metalia. Though these filler episodes are Manga Canon, I feel they add some much needed pacing to the original manga.

    So for me, the choice is crystal clear 😉

    Sailor Moon Crystal (2014) VS The Original

    While I agree with this list, I almost think Kill la Kill also deserves an honourable mention. While put together beautifully with great characters and awesome music, it had the most disappointing conclusion of anything I’ve ever watched. The entire series ramps up to a battle that never happens and should be listed in the dictionary as an example of deus ex machina.

    5 Most Disappointing Anime of 2014