Mo Sadek

Mo Sadek

CIS Major at SUNY Fredonia. Loves to play video games, cook, and post sideways selfies all over social media. Yes, that's a working portal gun.

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    Mo Sadek

    This movie was great. It used religion in a very interesting way, using values as law and a way of keeping others in check. Just goes to show how a belief system with purpose to bring people together can cause isolation and segregation. Awesome article!

    Chocolat: The Most Over-looked Feminist Film of the 21st Century
    Mo Sadek

    I was really excited for Psycho Pass II after watching both Psycho Pass and THEN taking the time to watch the RE-EDIT. After the Sybil system became a character and started interfering in the actual show, I started to become disappointed.

    In my opinion Akame ga Kill was a little disappointing too. Definitely gets an honorable mention on my list.

    5 Most Disappointing Anime of 2014
    Mo Sadek

    Other than Knights of the Old republic and other Star Wars games, I’m not so knowledgable about the EU and was a little thankful that it was being left out in the VII. However, it just occurred to me how much stuff was actually in the EU and now I’m a little sad. Well, I guess that will make whatever happens more surprising. So excited, hope this turns out well! Great article!

    Star Wars Episode VII: A New Plot Theory
    Mo Sadek

    Such a great film. Watching Driver’s transition from a submissive and silent character to an enforcer of sorts had a lot of shock value. This article did a great job at analyzing a lot of the symbolism and honestly, I might have to read this alongside watching the movie again. Great job!

    Drive (2011): Anti-hero in Antagonist's Universe
    Mo Sadek

    The hardware in all three consoles is reaching a point where graphics is no longer an issue. A lot of people will say the XB1 is child’s play in comparison to the power behind the PS4, but honestly that isn’t attracting people much anymore. Even the WiiU has a great bundle of hardware pushing behind the console. What this is starting to boil down to is who can produce a stable console with interesting release titles To sum it up, it seems like we are seeing a large push towards products that will create more loyal consumers to ensure the life of the console into the next gen. Eventually, the games are going to be the only things that matter.

    2014 Gaming: The Console War from Origins to the Future
    Mo Sadek

    Nintendo has done one thing that is great over the years: reconditioning their assets. They have been successful at creating new ways to look at their characters and the world they reside, and that is what is really keeping them afloat. Luckily, they are starting to branch out into other areas and genres while sticking to what they know.

    The Nintendo Collectathon: A Genre of the Past
    Mo Sadek

    I don’t know if it was because it was the first film I got to watch in the new 3D format, but Avatar has always been my personal favorite film to watch in 3D. Not only was Pandora breath-taking, but the various ways they used 3D to create immersion. As you said, the audience was able to explore Pandora, but they were also able to experience Pandora. My favorite scene had to be when the protagonist was first learning how to fly on the mount and feeling like I was right there with him as he struggled to tame the beast. It was exciting being a part of that excitement when he finally took control and made risky maneuvers around the mountain. While the same effect was achieved in the 2D version of the film, it didn’t carry the same weight as the 3D version.

    Great article, I really enjoyed reading it!

    Top 10 Implementations of 3D in Film: A New Dimension in Filmmaking
    Mo Sadek

    I haven’t actually gotten to play Chrono-Trigger, but I have played Chrono-Cross. It seems like this might be the better game though. Really interesting article. Can’t wait to play the game and re-read!

    Is Chrono Trigger a Feminist Game?