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    The validity of science in modern films

    Analyse the accuracy of physics and chemistry in modern films and correct them.

    • You should specify which types of movies like documentaries or dramas, because if a film features superheroes or magic the physics and chemistry will of course not be accurate. – jmcewen 9 years ago
    • Do you have specific examples in mind? This might be a tough one since so many story lines depend on stretching the reality behind science and technology. Or is your intention to pick apart current films and state why they are incorrect and improbable? If this the case, you can probably use any zombie related movie as the chances of creating a virus that causes super strength is improbable. Most diseases seem to weaken and kill instead. You may want to research theories on rabies, however, as this virus tends to give zombie like characteristics prior to killing it. – Tatijana 9 years ago

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    The way we socialize now and 50 years ago is night and day different. The Modern Translation of Writing is having a huge impact on the way we communicate with eachother. The article mentions the grey areas in all the different communication techniques. However, in my opinion there is absolutely no debate that the original face to face conversation trumps the rest. The grey area for this would be you are able to continue texting the person once you depart from eachother’s company. It not only ruins relationships but creates fake ones.

    The Modern Translation of Writing

    Sade’s work provides a fascinating insight into both the philosophy of horror and the workings of what many would consider to be a depraved mind. His far too often over-looked work should receive far greater recognition, particularly in view of relaxing societal views on BDSM. In spite of the slightly repetitive, the article makes excellent points.

    The Marquis de Sade and Literary Terror

    I agree that Harry Potter is a book that appeals to all ages, however the later books in the series deteriorate in quality. The very first book was an exciting and magical read. However, I found the later books appeared to be half baked and churned out as quickly as possible. The Harry Potter series is a ski hill of a read.

    Why Harry Potter Appeals to Adults as Well as Younger Audiences