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    Humanity of Renaissance Art

    Put side-by-side subjects in medieval art appear generally as identical, flat and featureless, two-dimensional portraiture’s with white pasty faces. By referring to Jean Clouet’s Portrait of François I King of France, 1525-30; Hans Holbein’s The Ambassadors, 1533 and François Clouet’s A Lady in Her Bath, 1571 humanist thinking in the Renaissance period let artists embark on representing people physiologically unique from other humans. Realizing also that the artists’ works mentioned are a valuable part of history. The artists’ resurgent innovation begins in Italy where it is in respect to God’s handiwork of the human being, the body. Leading the way to a worldwide impression of days gone by which is in portraits of people with individual traits.

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      Hello. There are many very interesting points in this article. Fairy tales were originally written for upper class adults who could read and not for children. They have many lessons about what dangers women should watch out for. The life journeys of the young women in these tales share the teaching of good behavioral morals, for example Cinderella’s good behavior compared to her step-sisters bad behavior. Disney and others have adapted these stories over the years to suit children.

      Missing Moms and the Fairytale Characters Living Without Them

      A well written, referenced and explanatory article using the approaches of Barthes and Campbell to explain Thor and mythology in comics, children’s books and film. It is true of many American films that the USA is depicted as having the best civil way of life, and that it is the savior of mankind and the planet. This seems to be the trendy theme from many of the American film makers at the moment. On another note, I am interested in myths and legends that is why I read this article. I also believe that Thor is not a new Marvel character, like the others, he has more history and depth. This history and depth is surrounded by the mystery of the unknown combined with the known. Thank you for your insightful views.

      Thor's Worthiness to Wield the Hammer

      I agree that over time opening sentences have changed. I enjoyed reading your choices. We covered ‘opening sentences’ in one of my units at university. One of the most used and best well known opening sentences is in fairy tales, ‘Once upon a time in a land faraway…’ This sentence has seen variations over the years, such as ‘Long ago in a galaxy faraway…’, from Star Wars. This sentence as an opener is cliche, but it is a classic and it is still an enticing hook. I have read and heard this sentence integrated into other parts of a story, novel or film in recent times. Thanks for the interesting information, pictures and references.

      How time and readers' expectations have affected opening sentences