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    Is there no originality left in the world?

    When reading books or watching movies, it’s rare that plot twists or events will catch people by surprise anymore. Almost every plot twist has been done in multiple books or movies. Is there any originality left in the world? What does everyone else think? Has humanity run out of ideas? There are thousands upon thousands of books and movies in circulation, so have we exhausted all possible ideas?

    • Some would suggest that we have always been telling the same tales, this is why Joseph Campbell's The Monomyth is still so relevant and Jung's character archetypes. I think this is an interesting topic to discuss, and in that talk about tropes, generic features and the previous works that have been done in genre study - however, this should not be discussed as a negative. We tell the same tales as the same things matter to us regardless of time and place - we love, we live, we grieve and we die - nothing will change this, it is not the originality of a new story that matters, but the inclusion of a new voice within the world. – SaraiMW 6 years ago
    • I would love to see this topic discussed. I think this has a lot to do with how far we allow a writer to veer from the expected path (Campbell's heroic journey for example). If they veer too far, they lose the audience, if they follow it too faithfully, it's boring. How can a writer meet the "requirements" yet still be novel? – tclaytor 6 years ago
    • There is a book, The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories (by Christopher Booker) which can be woven into an essay on this topic. – Joseph Cernik 6 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    To me, it started off really good, but after 5Ds it started to get lost for ideas, so it picked weird and random ideas, getting sillier with each season. The hair has just gotten weirder and the plot has completely failed to engage me. I’ll stick with the first three series, but I’ll leave the rest untouched. Again, just my opinion, please don’t crucify me for that.

    Yu-Gi-Oh!: Terrifying or Inspiring?

    I remember watching Madoka Magica for the very first time and being absolutely absorbed after the first plot twist. I loved the twists and after rewatching multiple times, I picked up on the story and understood more about the time loops and more complex plot points. Lots of other magical girl shows have tried to do the same thing, but none have matched Madoka Magica yet in my opinion. And that ending absolutely killed me.

    Madoka Magica: What Happened to the Happy World of Magical Girls?

    I always felt bad for making them compete in random fights for fun. It’s not right. It’s like owning a slave and then getting your slave to fight another person’s slave just for fun to see who’s slave is stronger. Bad analogy, I know. But when you cut it down to the basic facts, they match. I still love the series and will continue playing the games, but that’s always been a thought of mine.

    Pokémon and the Animals in Captivity Debate