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    Ratched is a recent popular Netflix original series which is an adaptation based solely on the characterisation of the antagonist within Ken Kesey’s 1962 novel, "One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest". The questions that I pose is:

    1.How does screen adaptation archive success when not closely following the source material?

    2.An in-depth analysis of the mise-en-scene.

    3.What does this series say about the representation of women having power?

    (You can write about all, or focus on a section)

    • You have in essence a fan fiction. One way to address this is look at past equivalent success. See The Æneid. – J.D. Jankowski 4 years ago
    • I think this topic can be incredibly interesting, and I actually like it! – RheaRG 4 years ago

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    Wow, this is so cool, I am going to now research more about Junji Ito work because this is very cool.

    The Horrifying Appeal of Junji Ito

    Yeah maybe, but I don’t think they’ll do X-men in a while because it’ll instantly get compared to the already somewhat (some bad movies and moments here and there) great X-men franchise that was cast pretty well. I would say most likely Fantastic Four would be the next thing or some comic team that is very unknown. Or the Marvel Cinematic Universe will just stop eventually.

    Who Will Be The Next Face of The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

    The use of a character’s memory or perception is a very fascinating way to communicate storytelling within this medium. As a common convention of an unreliable narrator providing an audience the narrative time and time again such as in films like Memento (2001), The Sixth Sense(1999), Fight Club (1999), Joker (2019), etc. These films use this device effectively and efficiently with confusing audience members.

    [Spoilers for The Usual Suspects below]
    A personal favorite is The Usual Suspects (1995) which I believe subverts the losing memories, amnesia, mental health storyline but provides a very creative outlook by making Keyser Söze the mystery of the entire film, the narrator of the story who calls himself “verbal”. This subverts the viewer and making the story based on the noticeboard in the police station is ingenious.
    But unfortunately, I do find that the memory device has been oversaturated and needs to be used in both uniqueness and of course making sense within the narrative itself.

    “The best tricks the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”

    Memory in Film: Mementos and Maneuvering Through the Past