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Anime: Misconception of Anime

Generally the purpose of Anime is for Entertaintment. However it can be viewed negatively as well. As most generic anime would include things like Harem, hentai (where women can be viewed as objectified), violence, etc.

But there are those animes that actually do give good life lessons and touch on subjects are a social problem.i.e one piece touches on racism in episode 568 when jinbei did a blood transplant there is also things like you cant be on top alone (nakama) as we live in an interrelated world to be successful we need people who are smart around us as we alone cannot do everything by ourselves.

What are other anime that has good life lessons that should be highlighted to address the negativity about anime?

  • The fact that a small minority of anime series enter Western culture, has had a significant impact on the culture's judgment of the art form. Of the many animes (great and bad) that Japan has produced, only a handful ever get either dubbed or subbed for Western audiences, and of those handful, even fewer can any traction to become mainstream cable shows. The difference between Eastern culture in filmography and Western culture in a general sense also makes it hard to bridge the gap between ignorance and appreciation. The negativity about anime is surrounded by the exposure of the internet to the extremities of some absurd animes, which have become the scapegoats for many Western societies. – Gliese436B 6 years ago
  • An interesting topic suggestion indeed and perhaps it's about time we in the West 'grew up' when it comes to stereotypical views about anime. As for your request for examples of anime that '...has good life lessons that should be highlighted...' I would propose the excellent 'Mousou Dairinin (English title: Paranoia Agent)' from 2004. The one and only series devised by the one and only; and sorely missed, late Satoshi Kon. An superb example of social paranoia and social responsibility. Funny and dramatic in turn and well worth viewing. – Amyus 6 years ago

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