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    Experiencing the Sublime

    In the art world the "sublime" is the quality of greatness beyond calculation. The difference between feeling emotions about a piece of art and having a sense of sublimity is that for something to be sublime you must be able to remove yourself from the situation, step back, and mentally assess what and why you are feeling certain emotions. Is the feeling of sublimity still relevant in today’s art? Are there certain components of society that might heighten or dull someone’s sense of sublimity?

    • Absolute music (music without lyrics) is a wholly non-representational art and thus is a form of pure sonic aestheticism. Perhaps that is sublime? – Brandon T. Gass 8 years ago
    • Must the sublime be considered only as a "sense" or "feeling"? Why no sublime-in-itself? – albee 8 years ago
    • Yes. But I think this discussion of the sublime needs more context. This is a great starting point: – arianalayla 8 years ago

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    I love the line, “writer’s block is a figment of our imagination, and only exists if we allow it to”. I sometimes get to a point where I’m not sure where to go next in my writing and so I take a break and allow myself to stop thinking about it. This usually stops my creative thinking and keeps me in a spot where I experience “writer’s block”. Pushing through the “block” is the best way to get past it.

    Attention Writers: The Myth of Writer's Block

    I have gotten into the habit of always checking and re-checking myself when I write anything. Using bad spelling and bad grammar as an adult is just evidence of laziness.

    Where Did All the Editors Go?

    This article was a great read! I’m a painter and when I start a new piece the white of the canvas is always daunting. I loved the tips you gave to get over writer’s block (I call it artist’s block for myself).

    Using Zen Philosophy to Improve Creativity and Overcome Writer’s Block