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    Does the Smash Sucess of "Hamilton" Herald a New Age for the Stage?

    The unprecedented success of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s "Hamilton" has brought the musical live action play into the spotlight. Its innovative use of rap to quickly deliver information on complex topics (such as the first cabinet debate over Hamilton’s financial plan) is fantastic. It also brought new faces to the roles of famous American heroes, bringing a new diversity to the stage. As the title says, does "Hamilton" represent a point that all plays after it will be heavily influenced by its style.

    • Not only a new age for the stage, I think, but for American history and politics, as well. It is showing an entirely new generation that history and politics can be fun and learning doesn't have to be dry or by rote. As a political scientist, that is refreshing to me. Great topic! – Lee Williams 8 years ago
    • The integration of hip-hop in particular will be interesting – Darcy Griffin 8 years ago
    • If anything, I hope that other musicals take the cast as inspiration. Lin-Manuel Miranda has said that the majority POC cast was a deliberate move to better reflect the diversity of today's America, and include POC in 'mainstream' history. – chrischan 8 years ago
    • My friend is a very big fan of the new stage show Hamilton. I think it will start a new trend to musical style. Hamilton's music is very much a blend of rap, pop, and more classical theatre styles, so I think new musicals will incorporate more styles of music. – birdienumnum17 8 years ago

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    A very significant portion of gamers play both your groupings of games. I played both Halo, Battlefield, Dragon Age and Fallout. As have most players I have met over my time. This experience is anecdotal, and not a large group sample. However, simplifying people into two opposing camps based on the games that they play isn’t truthful. There is a massive cross pollination between the two groupings, it also is as you say “othering”.

    “Bro Games” and the Gamer Divide

    The idea that more people get to experience some of the greatest games in history is a fantastic one. A point that should be said is that many games appear quite dated. This can make it difficult for audiences with no prior history with a game to play it through. Some games have a timeless aspect to them yes, Mario for example, but others clearly do not. Would Knights of the Old Republic look better with a fresh graphical update? 100% it would.

    An Abundance of Remasters: Originality in the Gaming Industry

    Halo beyond the original trilogy (excluding reach), suffer from a direction issue. While the driving plot line for the first trilogy was the Human – Covenant war, what is the real impetus behind the next? Halo Combat Evolved made a such a splash into the gaming scene that everyone became invested in the idea of its driving narratives, the war and the Halo installations.

    The new series is missing the massive investment in a new story (does anyone remember the differing enemies in Halo 4 like they do the classic variety?).

    I agree the lore is getting convoluted, extremely so in fact. It answers questions that many of us had before the series reached this point, and you make the question that I agree with; did we really want the answers?

    Halo's Mystery Is Quickly Becoming An Endangered Species

    I really do agree on the point with Jar Jar Binks. I was 11 when I first saw Episode 1. I didn’t have an issue with him as a kid, and it has continued on to my adulthood.

    Lucas, with his keen sense of history I always imagined trying to tell the fall of a Galactic Roman Republic into Empire. However he did fall short if this was in his mind.

    In Defense of the Star Wars Prequels