Lee Williams

I am an Asst. Professor of Political Science who enjoys researching in the area of judicial politics and civil liberties.

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    Political Campaigns in the Digital Age: The Evolution and Impact of Online Political Campaign Videos

    Since the release of the "smart phone" in 2007, politicians have had to learn to utilize social media to reach their constituents. As such, campaign videos are now uploaded onto social media sites with the hopes that they will "go viral" and drum up support for that candidate or party. What has been (or will be) the impact of this new form of media for political campaigns today? Is that impact discernible yet or is it too soon to tell? Analyze the relationship between online campaign videos and political campaigns.

    • I can vouch that a LOT of my friends post MULTIPLE campaign videos or campaign type articles multiple times of day on fb. I don't know how to quantify their impact, but I can't imagine its insignificant. – Tatijana 8 years ago
    • I would suggest exploring the 2012 presidential election as the most recent completed presidential election with lots of information on demographics and how social media impacted those demographics. – Cmandra 8 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    Thanks for the article. As an academic, I need deadlines. I procrastinate so badly sometimes that I wish someone else would just give me a “pretend deadline” even. (I’ll talk myself out of it somehow!) Also, I agree that I spend way too much time researching before I’ll actually start writing. I’m doing that currently with a book I’ve been working on forever. It’s so difficult to make that final transition.

    Writing: The Real Reason You Procrastinate

    This makes me want to watch this now. Fascinating analysis.

    Final Girl: Horror, Action, and Gender

    I think GofT has some of the strongest female characters in TV history. Rarely are women shown as leading entire civilizations like this. For me, it’s been refreshing after watching other binge-worthy shows with strong female leads who come across as one-dimensional in some manner. Great analysis!

    How A Feminist Watches Game of Thrones: Power Is Power

    As a professor, I see how my 20-year-old students love Friends – even more so it seems than those in my generation who were closer in age to the characters at the time. You’ve written a very interesting analysis as to why this could be the case. Great job.

    The Effect of "Friends"

    Interesting article. I often think of “American Psycho” in a post-social media world. What would Patrick Bateman look like in today’s society of selfies, social media “statuses” and Instagram? I sometimes look at Millennials and see similar narcissistic characteristics. Could his character transfer into a newer generation? Or is Yuppie culture the only culture through which his character could be exemplified? Just some thoughts.

    American Psycho: A Post Modern Horror

    As a young graduate student, it was Stewart’s “America” book that really opened my eyes with regard to corporate media ownership and the Big Six. He had a way of connecting to young, educated voters (even beyond the ideologically liberal ones) and informing through humor. I think many will miss him. Great article and analysis.

    Real or Reel? The Complicated Personas of Political Comedians

    This is a fascinating piece. It’s certainly piqued my interest in reading Affinity.

    Victorian Gender Ideology: Silenced Sexuality and Suffocating Spheres